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Class Act Seminar



Students in the Class Act Program at Itasca Community College are required to register for and attend the Class Act Seminar each of the four semesters while at Itasca Community College. Should a student transfer in from another institution, that student is required to take the Class Act Seminar course each semester while attending ICC as a Class Act student.

The Class Act Seminar is a one-credit course. In order to continue in the Class Act Program, students must receive a passing grade each semester.

The purpose of the Class Act Seminar is twofold:

  • It provides the cohort a designated time and opportunity to share experiences with each other in order to develop a network and support group.
  • It is a vehicle to address issues pertinent to education that may not be given adequate coverage in required Class Act courses.

The Class Act Seminar is structured using the following components:

1. Classroom labs: Each student is required to complete a 35 hour classroom lab in a local school district beginning Spring Semester of their sophomore year. Students should refer to the Classroom Lab guide for further information.

2. Guest Speakers: Guest speakers will present information on chosen topics and themes that align with and complement the curriculum. Speakers include local teachers, principals, and education experts. 

3. Student Portfolios: Students will learn to make connections between their Class Act courses, Seminar curriculum, and classroom labs, and then organize these experiences into individual education portfolios.

Seminar Attendance

Because the Class Act Seminar only meets once a week, attendance is mandatory. The Seminar instructor will provide additional information regarding the course's attendance policy